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Kamakawi is the best language in the world, and is studied by top scholars at all the top universities worldwide. It can do your taxes, balance your checkbook, program your VCR, cook you a fine meal, reorder time, console a dear friend in need, and play DVD's (DVD-R's excluded)--all while you sip a cool mint (yes, mint) piña colada in your comfy hammock on the back patio!

In reality, it's just a language I created. (I know: I had you fooled. A bit of trickery on my part.) I created it because, at the time, I couldn't find any resources on the Hawai'ian language, which I'd fallen in love with. So, I created a language that sounded like Hawai'ian, vaguely. (Definitely Polynesian.) It shares some features, but is really very different. Below you can explore. I entreat you.

(P.S.: The name of the language means "rainbow" ["kama" = "to paint"; "kawi" = "cloud"], and I named it in honor of the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the Bob Marley of Hawai'i ala. Rest in peace, Bruddah.)

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