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Part 0: Introduction

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kamakawi, a language created by me, the one whose name appears at the head of this page (or, did, when this page was elsewhere). While this language clearly wishes it were Hawaiian, it's quite unique in every aspect. As an English speaker, I think you shouldn't find it that difficult to master, since I speak English, and I haven't had too much trouble. Not that I claim to speak it fluently, but I will claim to have claimed that I may one day be able to. This language was designed to be fun, so any fun that you may encounter as you peruse these pages (either the old or the new meaning) may not be entirely coincidental. As a general guide to this little online leaflet, you can e-mail me about anything at all at You can e-mail me with questions, answers to exercises you're looking to get corrected, corrections (I use "then" for "than" all the time. But, then again, so did John Milton, so clearly, I must be as brilliant), recipes--anything under the sun. So, without further ado, here's Kamakawi. Likilikile!

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