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Scattered Tongues HQ


Why the title at the top (cf. the "metal band" line)? Because one day I decided to see what I came up with if I put the titles of my languages into the ol' Google search engine, and when I entered "Zhyler", I discovered a Colombian heavy metal band had come up with the exact same name! I was horrified. Nevertheless, after many nights of bitter weeping, I managed to press on. At any rate, Zhyler is a language I created because I really liked Turkish, but couldn't (at the time) find any TY resources on it (this is a recurring theme with my languages, in case you couldn't tell). Zhyler is an SOV language with (and a I kid you not) fifty-seven noun cases, all suffixing, and a robust vowel harmony system. In addition, there are seventeen noun classes, à la Swahili, which do much of the derivational footwork. That said, feel free to browse around. Of all the languages I've created, this is probably my favorite (don't tell the others!).

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