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This conlang site belongs to David J. Peterson.
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Scattered Tongues HQ


This is my blog, in which I expect my innermost feelings. I call this blog Sathir, because that's the phonological representation of my very soul, which I will now share with you.

Just kidding: Blogs are for dorks. (Unless you, dear reader, happen to own and operate a "blog", in which case blogs are swiggety-sweet, and you can tell the Man I said so.)

No, this site is dedicated to my orphan language Sathir. I called it that because I forgot that the language didn't have an r in it. Oops. I changed it accordingly.

This language was kind of inspired by the language of ancient Greece (where, of course, lived many a renegade), though little will show of it, save (maybe) the orthography. The real inspiration for this language came from Tagalog and Fijian (two candles sitting atop a mantle with a Christmas stocking hanging in between them?), as well as the abandonment of an original idea for Njaama, which involved heavy infixing. Sathir can be characterized as an infixing, VOS, ergative language (maybe a little Quechua and Hikxaryana in there), where I tried to adopt the Polynesian method of creating not nouns or verbs, but semantic spaces, which can be represented morphologically by nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

Below you'll see what I've done so far. Unfortunately, there's not much. The reason is that this language got kind of the short shrift as I started to work more on my earlier languages, and a new one, yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, the language has merely been neglected; not abandoned.

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