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Scattered Tongues HQ

Sathir Orthography

Like any good conlang, there are two methods of representation for the Sathir language: A romanization system, and an orthography. In all but rare or specialized cases, these two things should be different. In many cases, they're not. Kele, for example, doesn't have an orthography yet. It will one day, when I decide what would make sense. Sathir, however, has an orthography now, and this is it. If you'd like to download the font, you can, by clicking these very words that I'm typing at this very moment right now. But not these words. That moment, sadly, has passed. Another moment has come upon us, though, and that moment is thus: Click these words if you need a zip file. But not these. Now both moments have passed. Gone forever. Gone! Their memories fading away, like so much morning mist...

The Sathir Writing System

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