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Dave and Family: Ahhhhh...The Love!

Hi! I'm David. I'm the one in the graduation hat. The little cutey I'm holding is my little sister, Natalie (I call her Dubu). To my left is my mother, Sandi, and to my right is my dad, Steve. We're at the 2003 commencement ceremony for the UC Berkeley linguistics department (it was held at the Alumni House).

That said, I'm a Berkeley alumnus. I majored in English and Linguistics. Now I'm going to UC San Diego to get my Ph.D. in linguistics. The weather is better.

More about me: I enjoy listening to music. I like reading. Every so often, I create languages. I write, too. And play music. And basketball. And watch it. And other sports.

Most importantly, though, I have the best girlfriend in the world, named Erin McPherson. She's a Berkeley alum as well, and is also going to UCSD to get her Ph.D. in linguistics. Small world, this...

I also use a Mac. I very use a Mac (try to make sense of that one, Chomsky!). If I pass a PC on the street, I give it not a glance.

For more information on language creation, you can go to my links section. It came highly recommended. As for me, I create languages for fun. I care not for invented cultures, and they care not for me. The same goes for Indo-European languages. Ick!

If there's anything else you need to know about me, I'm sure I don't know. Please direct all inquiries to my official biographer, Mr. Charles Kinbote.

(P.S.: What you think 'bout these colors? I've always said that teal is the color of kings. Color of queens, too. Not that I support a monarchical government, ho no. I think what I mean to say is that teal is the color of the people. And not just the aristocracy, or the proletariat, or the middle-class: All people. Imagine a world where all buildings, clothing and food was colored teal. Are you smiling yet? I know I am. Ahhh...these fantasies of ours...)