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Scattered Tongues HQ

Links for the Masses

Since it seems that the thing to do is make a links page, I have made one. Here it is.

Language Creation Related Links

• This site has a lot of language creation-related stuff, including Babel Texts, several of which were done by me; many of which were not.

•A Conlang FAQ: This site is for those who don't know what language creation is. It also has several helpful links for those who do. But, most importantly, it has the most delightful background! It's like looking at the wall in a hallway in a fancy hotel!

•SIL's Glossary of Linguistic Terms: If you've been poking around my site and wondering things like, "What the heck is a phoneme?!", this site's for you. Try it out! It will change your life completely, and irreversibly.

•The Skerre Web Site: Skerre is a language created by my friend Doug Ball, who, although he's decided to go to evil Stanfurd to get his Ph.D., is a great guy, and a top-notch conlanger. Featured is his language Skerre, and another, Tenach-a Shile. Check it out!

•The International Phonetic Association: If you've been wonderng what all the funny symbols on my site are supposed to mean (e.g., ð and ʔ and ɣ), then follow this link, and you shall be enlightened.

•The Unicode Webpage: You know that IPA link above where I said, "If you don't know what this character or that character means go here"? Well, if those characters come out as nothing but question marks to you on your screen, go to this website, and they'll fix you up (hopefully...).

•Mark Rosenfeld's Language Construction Kit: Interested in creating a language of your own, but you don't know where to begin? Mark Rosenfeld can help. Simply click on the link, and you'll get all the help you need.

•My UCSD Home Page: For those of you who followed the link from my UCSD homepage and have not liked what you've seen, simply take this link back, and forget all the terrible things that dwell in this accursèd place.

•Omniglot: This is the website for writing systems. I can spend centuries looking at this site. I recommend you take a look at Cham right away. It changed my life: It can change yours.

•The Rosetta Project: Interested in languages, created or otherwise? This site just might suit you. It's a project they've concocted to translate...something into all the languages of the world, so that they can laser-inscribe each translation onto a small, metallic disc. The reason? I have no idea. What the site has, though, is a lot of information on a lot of languages (though some languages have more info than others). It's neat to browse around.

•The Yamada Language Center: The YLC (hereafter referred to as "the Yamada Language Center"), run out of the University of Oregon (the Ducks! Fierce animals, those) is a wonderful place where you can get just about any font for any language you want! It's a dream come true!